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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Pattern: Outdoor crochet rope rug

I wanted a nice, durable outdoor rug to help catch some of the dirt and grass by the doggy door from my crazy pups who are constantly in and out of the house. I found some Jute rope at Michaels that worked perfectly. This pattern is really simple and versatile. The rows repeat themselves so feel free to stop when you want or add more rows if you want a longer rug! It works up really quick and was fun to make!


Jute rope- I used just under 3 rolls of 4ply jute by bead landing.

Size Q crochet hook

Scrap fabric or cotton yarn (optional)



Chain 21

Row 1: Sc back down the chain


Row 2: Ch 2 and turn, dc across


Row 3: Ch 1 and turn, Sc across

Rows 4-21: Repeat rows 2 and 3

turn, slip stitch across. Tie off and weave in ends.

You can continue on by repeating the rows of sc and dc if you want your rug longer, or do less for a shorter rug. I wanted a little bit of color in mine so I decided to weave some scrap cotton yarn through the rows of dc. I used 3 strands of yarn by braiding them together before weaving through the rows. Scrap fabric torn into strips or colored rope would work for this as well.


and this cuteness…



Pattern: Donkey Amigurumi

Occasionally I like to crochet amigurumi for something different! My fave is when they are soft and jumbo sized! I used a bulky yarn to make this donkey so he would be extra cuddly. Feel free to use a smaller yarn but be sure to change your hook size accordingly. The blanket and sombrero I made to go with him are really easy to do and you will just need some scrap yarn. Let me know what you think!


Materials Needed:

  • Bulky yarn in grey and brown, I used Loops and Threads Charisma brand in charcoal and espresso.
  • Worsted weight yarn in black for hair and tan for sombrero, and a variety (your choice) of colors (can use scrap yarn) for blanket.
  • Hook sizes: 4.50mm (for donkey) and 3.00mm (for sombrero and blanket)

Stitches: Magic loop, Single Crochet (sc), Half Double Crochet (hdc), Increase (Inc), Decrease (dec) You should also be familiar with switching colors.


Legs (make 4):

Starting with brown yarn and 4.50mm hook

Round 1: Magic Loop, sc 6 times into loop

Round 2: Increase in each stitch around

Pattern: Flower Vase

I decided to make a vase for some of my decorative flowers instead of buying one.  I chose to crochet with 2 strands of yarn together to give it a bit more stiffness and be able to stand up better. I thought it turned out really cute using two different colors at the same time. I chose a blue and cream color to go with my other decor. This is a really simple pattern, I recommend using a cotton yarn so the final product will be firm. 

Pattern: Simple boho headband

This is a really simple pattern for a cute headband with “boho” style. This is the perfect project for a beginner, or if you need to make something quick! It works up really fast and would be great to sell at craft fairs. It’s also really customizable. You can make it smaller just by chaining less. I plan on making one for my 2 year old daughter! Let me know what you think! 

Pattern: Hair Scrunchies

I decided to experiment and made 3 different types of hair ties for my 2 year old daughter! They were super simple to make and look so cute! All you will need for this project is any size hair tie, I used smaller ones for toddler hair, and scrap yarn.