Pattern: Donkey Amigurumi

Occasionally I like to crochet amigurumi for something different! My fave is when they are soft and jumbo sized! I used a bulky yarn to make this donkey so he would be extra cuddly. Feel free to use a smaller yarn but be sure to change your hook size accordingly. The blanket and sombrero I made to go with him are really easy to do and you will just need some scrap yarn. Let me know what you think!


Materials Needed:

  • Bulky yarn in grey and brown, I used Loops and Threads Charisma brand in charcoal and espresso.
  • Worsted weight yarn in black for hair and tan for sombrero, and a variety (your choice) of colors (can use scrap yarn) for blanket.
  • Hook sizes: 4.50mm (for donkey) and 3.00mm (for sombrero and blanket)

Stitches: Magic loop, Single Crochet (sc), Half Double Crochet (hdc), Increase (Inc), Decrease (dec) You should also be familiar with switching colors.


Legs (make 4):

Starting with brown yarn and 4.50mm hook

Round 1: Magic Loop, sc 6 times into loop

Round 2: Increase in each stitch around

Round 3: *sc, Inc* around

Round 4-6: sc around Switch to grey yarn

Round 7: sc around

Round 8: *sc, dec* around Round

9-20: sc around stuff leg

tie off, leaving long end for sewing pieces together.


Round 1: Magic loop, sc 6 times into loop

Round 2: Increase in each stitch around

Round 3: *sc, inc* around

Round 4: *sc, inc* around

Round 5: *sc 2, Inc* around

Round 6: *sc 3, Inc* around

Round 7-9: sc around

Round 10: *sc 3, dec* around

Round 11: sc around

Round 12: *sc 2, dec* around

Round 13-16: Sc around, begin to stuff body

Round 17: *sc, dec* around

Round 18: Sc around

Round 19: *sc, dec* around

Round 20: sc around

Round 21: Decrease around

Finish stuffing and tie off, leaving a long end for sewing pieces together.


Round 1: Magic Loop, 6 sc into magic loop

Round 2: Inc around

Round 3: *Sc, inc* around

Round 4: *sc in next two stitches, Inc* repeat around

Round 5-9: Sc around

Change to grey yarn

Round 10: sc in next 10, increase in next 4, sc in next 10

Round 11: *sc 6, inc* around

Round 12: *sc 7, inc* around

Round 13: *sc 8, inc* around

Round 14-19: sc around

Round 20: * sc 8, decrease* around

Round 21:* sc 7, decrease* around

Round 22: * sc 6, decrease* around

Round 23: Sc around

Round 24: *sc 5, decrease* around

Round 25: sc around

Place safety eyes on chosen spot on head, (approx. round 13) Begin to stuff head.

Round 26: * sc 4, decrease* around

Round 27: *sc 3, decrease* around

Round 28: *sc 2, decrease* around

Round 29: *sc, decrease* around

Round 30: decrease 6 times

Finish stuffing head, tie off

Ears (make 2)

Round 1: Magic loop, 5 sc into loop
Round 2: ( sc, inc) repeat twice, sc in last stitch
Round 3: (sc, inc) repeat 3 times, sc in last stitch
Round 4: sc in each stitch around
Round 5: (sc, inc) repeat around
Round 6: sc around
Round 7: (sc in next 2 stitches, inc) repeat around
Round 8-10: sc around
Round 11: (sc in next 8 stitches, dec) repeat twice
Round 12: sc around
Round 13: (sc, dec) repeat around
Round 14-15: sc around
Tie off, do not stuff, leave long tail for sewing ears to head.


Round 1: magic loop, sc 6 times into loop

Round 2: increase in each stitch around

Round 3-10: sc around

Tie off, leaving long tail to sew pieces together.

Add black fringe hair to the end of the tail by putting your hook into any stitch, hook it onto a piece of black yarn (your desired length) pull through stitch, loop both ends of yarn over hook and pull through loop.

(A quick google search has several videos if you need a visual) Sew all pieces together and weave in all ends.

To add a mane to the donkey head is very simple. Attach black yarn to any random spot at the top of the head in between the ears by slip stitching it on. Ch 5-10 depending on length of loop you want and then slip stitch again a few rows/spaces over. Repeat this process in random areas down the head until you reach desired amount of hair.




  • 3.00 mm hook
  • worsted weight yarn, in your choice of colorsRow 1: ch 40 with first color

    Row 2: hdc in 3rd chain from hook and every chain across

    Row 3: with new color, chain 3, Hdc across

  • Repeat Row 3 until blanket is at desired length, I left the access yarn from each row on the blanket by adding a knot at the end so it would have a cute fringe. If you choose to not have fringe, weave in ends instead.Sombrero
  • 3.00 mm hook
  • worsted weight yarn

Ch 2
Round 1: 4 sc in first chain made

Round 2: 2 sc in each stitch

Round 3: *inc, sc* around

Round 4: *inc, sc* around

Round 5: *inc, sc 2* around

Round 6: *inc, sc 3* around

Round 7-10: sc around

Round 11: inc in each stitch

Round 12: *inc in first, 1 sc in next 4* around

Round 13-16: sc around

optional: I added blue dots around the base of the sombrero by making french knots.



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