Fuzzy Bunny Ears Headband

I’ve had this fur yarn in my stash for a while now and could never decide what to do with it. My 3 year old recently asked for a pair of bunny ears to wear after seeing all the Easter stuff in stores and it clicked! I whipped these Fuzzy Bunny Ears up during my youngest daughters afternoon nap, they are that quick! The fur is so soft and fluffy and the flowers just scream spring to me. I hope you guys enjoy this pattern!

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  • Redheart Boutique Fur Yarn from JoAnn Fabrics. Less than one skein.
  • Small amount of bulky (5) white yarn. I used Buttercream Angel hair from JoAnn.
  • Colorful scrap yarn for the flowers. I used I Love This Cotton! From Hobby Lobby.
  • A headband
  • Yarn needle
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • N/9.00mm Crochet hook


You will be working single crochet stitches around the actual headband and pipe cleaners. Here is a quick video tutorial if you are not sure how.

Fuzzy Bunny Ears Headband


Using your 9.00mm hook, join the fur yarn to the headband with a Sl St. Sc evenly around the headband. You won’t need to make very many, as the yarn is super fluffy and thick. Just make enough stitches to hide the headband.  Tie off. Weave the yarn ends up the headband on both sides to hide.

Ears (make 2):

Using your white yarn, Ch 11.

Sc in second chain from hook and across. In the last ch, Sc 3. (12 sc)

Instead of turning, you will continue to crochet up the opposite side of the chain, with 9 more Sc. For a total of 21 Sc. Join to the first Sc with a Sl St.

Now you will begin to crochet around one of the pipe cleaners just as you did with the headband (bending it as you go and starting about 1-2 inches from the end) Make a Sc in each stitch. When you reach the 11th stitch. Make a total of 3 Sc into it before continuing down the other side with one Sc into each stitch. When you reach the end, tie off. (24 Sc) There will be an inch or two of pipe cleaner sticking out on both sides.

Join the fur yarn to the first Sc in the bottom right corner. Because the yarn is so thick, you will not need to Sc into each stitch. Specific stitch count does not matter too much here. I made a Sc with the fur yarn every few stitches (skipping a couple stitches in between.) When you reach the 2 stitches at the top of the ear, make 2 Sc into each one. Continue down the other side of the ear skipping every couple of stitches as before. Tie off, leaving about 6 inches of yarn to tie to headband.

Attach ears to headband:

Position your ears at the top of the headband. Move the fur on the headband to the sides and carefully wrap the ends of both sides of the pipe cleaner around the headband to help secure. Take the loose ends from the ears and wrap around headband as well. Tie a knot behind the ear to secure, weave in ends. If you want to secure your ears even more, you can hot glue the pipe cleaner to the headband. Because the yarn is so thick it should easily hide the pipe cleaners.


I think any small and colorful flowers would look great on the headband. You could even leave them off, it’s all up to you! I used this pattern for mine. I used a yarn needle and thread to sew them to the headband.


That’s it! Really simple and I think they turned out SO cute! My 3 year old can’t wait to wear them on Easter! Be sure to pin to your crochet boards! 🙂


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