Pattern: Sarah Crop Top

My sister recently asked for a ribbed crop top and this is what I came up with! Now this is more of a guide/how to instead of a specific stitch count pattern. You can basically use this as a guideline to make your own top! It’s really easy and as long as you continue to try it on as you go and check your size it should come out great! I used the new Sugarspun yarn by Loops & Threads. I know this yarn isn’t available everywhere yet but you can use any light weight yarn. Im sure worsted weight would work just as well! I plan on making another one using a soft cotton yarn for a more summertime feel! 🙂 Remember you can always leave a comment or send me a DM on Instagram if you need any help or have questions!

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  • 3.00mm crochet hook
  • 4.00mm crochet hook
  • Light (3) Weight yarn in 2 colors. (less than one skein each.) I used Loops & Threads Sugarspun Yarn.
  • Yarn needle


This pattern was written for a x-small/small size. I don’t have specific stitch counts for all sizes but it’s really easy to customize! Exact stitch counts aren’t too important as long as you try it on as you go.


With your 3.00mm hook

Ch 26

Row 1: Sc back down the chain. (25 Sc) Ch 1, turn.

Row 2: Sc in BLO in each stitch. Ch 1, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until your band reaches the length you want. Measure the length around your ribcage and subtract a couple of inches, this should be about the length you should make. The band is stretchy so you will want it to be a bit shorter then your actual measurements. This one was about 24 Inches.

Fold your work in half and Sl St the beginning chain row and the last row together to form a “tube.” Turn your work correct side out.


Switch to your 4mm hook. 

Round 1: Join your new yarn color and Sc evenly around the top of your band. I did a total of 110 Sc. Join to your first Sc, Ch 1.

Round 2: *1 Sc in the next 15 stitches, 2 Sc in the next.* Repeat around. I really want to stress here that your stitch count CAN be different and most likely will be. So for example, if you increase every 15 stitches as stated and end up still having 3 Sc left in the round, just make a Sc in each one and join to your first Sc to finish the round. Ch 1.

Round 3&4: Sc in each stitch around. Join,ch 1.

Round 5: *1 Sc in the next 30 stitches, 2 Sc in the next.* Repeat around. Join, Ch 1.

Round 6&7: Sc in each stitch around. Join, Ch 1.

Round 8: Now you will start making a little extra boob room in the front! Count all of your stitches and divide by 6. This is how many stitches you will make before making an increase, Sc the same amount again, and make one more increase. Finish the round with 1 Sc in the rest of the stitches around. For example, If you have 150 stitches: 150/6= 25. You would Sc 25, increase, Sc 25, Increase. Sc in remaining stitches around. This is just to help give more space in the front of your bralette! Join, Ch 1.

Round 9: Sc in each stitch around. Join, Ch 1.

Round 10: Repeat round 8.

Round 11-13: Sc around. Join, Ch 1. (If you have a larger chest I recommend adding a few more rounds here.)

Now you will begin working in rows by chaining 1 and turning after each row. This will be the front of your top, and the backside is now finished.

Row 1: Count all of your stitches and divide by 2. This is the number of Sc you will make across. Mine was 63. Ch 1, TURN.

Rows 2-5: Sc across, Ch 1, Turn.

Once again, if you are making a larger size you might want to add a few more rows here.

Row 6:  Sc2tog, Sc across to last 2 stitches, Sc2tog. Ch, 1 turn.

Row 7: Sc across, Ch 1, turn.

Rows 8-ll: Repeat rows 6&7

You will now be finishing off each cup side separately. Count your stitches across the row and divide by 2. (I had 56 across for each side to have 28 stitches.)

Making the Right cup:

Row 1: Sc2tog, Sc across until you reach the last 2 stitches, Sc2tog. Ch 1, Turn.

Row 2: Sc across. Ch 1, Turn.

Rows 3- 18: Repeat Rows 1&2.

Rows 19- 22:  Sc2tog, Sc across, Sc2tog. Ch 1, turn.

Row 23: Sc2tog

Straps and Edging: 

When you have only one stitch left, begin to make your strap. It’s best to try it on so you can see how long of a strap length you will need and Chain that length.

Ch 65, Connect your strap to the back of your shirt about 1/3 length over with a Sl St. Sl St all the way back down your Chain to your cup again. When you reach your cup, Continue down the inside of the cup with Single crochets. When you reach the inside center of the shirt (where the edge of the cup is) You will begin making the Left Cup. Repeat the exact same process that you did for the previous cup. The correct side of your work should be facing you when you begin.

Repeat exactly as you did with the first cup beginning with row 1.

After making your second strap, when you reach the top of your cup, Continue working down the outer side of the cup making Sc in each space down. Keep going and continue along the back of the crop top as well. I made a Sc into the same space that my straps were connected to as well so I didn’t have to tie off and join again. Continue with making a Sc in each stitch up the outer side of your right cup as well. When you reach the top of the cup where the strap starts, tie off. Join your yarn to the center of your bra so you can finish the edging on the inner side of the left cup. Sc up the side until you reach your strap. Tie off. Weave in all ends.



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