Tutorial: Faux Fur PomPoms

Faux fur pompoms are super popular right now. I’ve gotten a lot of interest on how I make mine. Store bought pompoms can sometimes be hard to find and get expensive, so I put together a quick tutorial on how to make your own!

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First thing you want to do is make a circle on the back of the fur. Mine is about 7 inches across, however you can do whatever size you would like for a bigger or smaller pom!

I’m warning you now…this stuff is messy!! It will look like a dog just shed its winter coat all over your house! Go ahead and cut the circle out.

 Told ya! Next you want to thread your needle. Make sure it is sharp so it can easily slide through the fabric. I like to use scrap worsted weight yarn. Anything thicker then that you will have trouble getting it through the fabric. If I have already made the hat that this pom will go on, I use the same kind! You will then begin to weave the yarn in and out of the fabric, leaving about an inch of space between. Like this:

Keep goin’

Your pom will start to form into a bowl shape, continue all the way around until you reach the beginning.

Stuff that bad boy with some Poly-fil

Pull tight to close and knot it a couple of times

Take your needle and weave it back and fourth around the opening to secure, knot it again. Tada!

You’re done! I like to leave a length of yarn attached to it so it is easy to sew right on top of your beanie!

So cute!

Here it is in action on my McKinley Beanie! You can find the pattern for it HERE

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Will you be making some PomPoms? Be sure to follow and tag me on Instagram with your finished work!

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