Pattern: The Snow Cone Beanie

I’ve been getting a ton of requests for a pattern using the waistcoat stitch, so The Snow Cone Beanie is born! If you follow me on Instagram you know that i’ve been creating a lot of designs using this stitch and its one of my favs! I’m working on getting a youtube channel set up so I can have videos for all of you to go with my patterns…but for now, I’ll be linking you to videos created by others that I find helpful!

The yarn I used for this pattern is super chunky! Be sure you are using a yarn weight of at least 6. I recommend Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick if you don’t have any WAK on hand.

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  • Super Bulky (6) yarn. Pattern uses We Are Knitters The Wool in Sand and Denim. Approximately 100gr in each color
  • 9.00mm Crochet Hook
  • Yarn Needle
  • Pompom (make your own!)


  • This hat is worked from the bottom up. The brim is worked in rows and the main portion of the hat is worked in the round. You will join with a Sl St and Ch 1 at the end of each round. the Ch 1 does NOT count as a stitch.
  • When carrying yarn colors, I prefer to leave “floats” instead of crocheting over the yarn. This yarn is super bulky so I find it easier that way, however if you like a “clean” look on the inside of your hat you can crochet over the unused yarn all the way around. Keep in mind it might make the hat a bit stiff. Here is a helpful video on changing yarn colors and how to do fair isle crochet.
  • This beanie uses the “waistcoat” stitch or Center Single Crochet stitch. This stitch is very tight, try to keep your tension loose. Read below on how to work the stitch. Here is a helpful video on how to make the waistcoat stitch.
  • Read the graph starting from the bottom right corner. Each square counts as 1 stitch.
  • You can easily adjust your hat larger or smaller. Adjust the brim length by adding or taking away rows until you reach desired size. Adjust the main portion of the beanie by adding or taking away stitches in multiples of 4.

Stitches and Abbreviations Used: 

  • Sl St- Slip Stitch
  • BLO- Back Loop Only
  • Sc- Single Crochet
  • Csc- Center Single Crochet or “waistcoat stitch.” This stitch is exactly like normal single crochet, except for where you insert your hook. Instead of inserting your hook under the normal top 2 loops of your stitch, you insert it in between the legs of the “V” of the stitch.  To work the stitch- Insert hook into “V”, YO, pull up loop, YO, pull through both loops on hook. This is naturally a very tight stitch. Try to keep your tension loose. You may have to size up one hook size if you usually crochet tightly. Try not to pull your stitch tight as you go or you wont be able to insert your hook into the correct spot and your hat may end up too small.
  • Csc2tog- Center Single Crochet 2 together- Decrease. Decrease the same way you would with Sc, except insert your hook into the “V” of the stitch instead of under the top loops.

Gauge: 2×2″ square= 4 Csc stitches by 4 rows

Finished Size: Fits the average adult woman’s head- Length- 10″, width- 10″

Pattern (brim):

Ch 7

Row 1: Work 1 Sl St (BLO) in each Ch across. Turn. (6 Sl St)

Rows 2-56: Ch 1. 1 Sl St (BLO) in each stitch across. Turn. (6 Sl St)

Your brim should be approximately 17″ long un-stretched. Add more or less rows here to reach the correct length before moving on to the next step.

Fold your work in half. Sl St the first and last rows together to form the brim. Be sure your “V’s” are pointing the correct way to get the knit look. Like this-

You will now begin to work in the round along the top of the brim, following the chart below. Round 1 is the only round that you will be using normal Sc. Rounds 2-9 are all worked using the Csc stitch. You will join with a Sl St and Ch 1 after every round.

Round 1: Following chart- Ch 1, work 40 Sc evenly around the top of the brim. Join with a Sl St to first Sc. (40 Sc)

Rounds 2-9: Continue following chart, each square counts as 1 Csc. Remember to crochet with a loose tension and if you need to, size up your hook. View pictures below chart to see where to insert hook.



Round 10: Ch 1. *8 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around. Join. (36 Csc)

Round 11: Ch 1. *7 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around. Join. (32 Csc)

Round 12: Ch 1. *6 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around. Join. (28 Csc)

Round 13: Ch 1. *5 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around. Join. (24 Csc)

Round 14: Ch 1. *4 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around. Join. (20 Csc)

Round 15: Ch 1. *3 Csc, Csc2tog* Repeat around Join. (16 Csc)

Tie off, leaving a tail long enough to sew top of hat shut. Using your yarn needle, weave the tail of yarn in and out every couple of stitches from Round 15. Pull tight to close. Secure with a couple of knots. Sew pompom to the top of the hat. Weave in all ends.

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