Pattern: Granny Square Crop Top

I’ve never liked the cold and only enjoy snow during the holidays, so I can not wait for summer! I decided to make a crop top and of course had to add some colorful granny squares. This pattern is pretty simple. If you can make a granny square and know how to single crochet, then you can make this top!

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This pattern is written for a size Small. If you would like to make a larger size just add more chains in the beginning. You might want to crochet a few more rows before starting the decreasing rows. Your stitch count will also change for the decreasing rows but it will still have the same concept (Sc2tog, sc across until the last 2 stitches, sc2tog).


Ch 51

Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and across. Ch 1, turn. (50 sc)

Row 2: Sc in each stitch across. Ch 1, turn. (50 sc)

Rows 3-13: Repeat Row 2

Row 14: Sc2tog, Sc 46, Sc2tog. (48 Sc)

Row 15: Sc across.

Row 16: Sc2tog, Sc 44, Sc2tog. (46 Sc)

Row 17: Sc across

Row 18: Sc2tog, Sc 42, Sc2tog. (44 Sc)

Row 19: Sc across

Row 20: Sc2tog, Sc 40, Sc2tog. (42 Sc)

Row 21: Sc across

Row 22: Sc2tog, Sc 38, Sc2tog. (40 Sc)

Row 23: Sc across

Row 24: Sc2tog, Sc 36, Sc2tog. (38 Sc)

Row 25: Sc across

Row 26: Sc2tog, Sc 34, Sc2tog. (36 Sc)

Row 27: Sc across

Row 28: Sc2tog, Sc 32, Sc2tog. (34 Sc)

Row 29: Sc across

You will now make the straps.

Ch 90

Sl St back down the chain. Continue along and Sc in each stitch across the top of the bralette until you reach the other corner. Ch 90 and Sl St back down the Chain. Tie off.

Granny Squares:

This is the pattern I used for the granny squares but you can use any pattern you choose. Just be sure to make enough squares so that the length across is about the same length as the bottom of your crop top.

Join your squares together. Next you will need to join your length of squares to the bottom of your crop top. Place the bralette and the granny squares together, wrong sides out, and slip stitch together. Tie off. Weave in all ends.

Next you will be making the loops on the sides of your bralette for the back ties to loop through. Join the yarn on one side at Row 14. Ch 3, skip 3 rows, and sl st into the next row. Repeat this until you reach the bottom of the granny square. Tie off and repeat on other side. You can make less loops if you want to but I like having the option of being able to pick and choose where to loop my tie through.

You will now need to make your tie for the back. I chained approximately 300. You can Sl St back down or just leave it as a chain. Tie off. Weave your length of chains criss-cross back and fourth through whichever loops you choose, corset style.  Weave in any remaining ends.

This is what the back of the top should look like:




That’s it! I hope you all like the pattern! Don’t forget to Pin it to your crochet boards and subscribe for more free patterns! 🙂

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